As a member of the DSA coaching community, coaches have inherent obligations and responsibilities to the profession and to all with whom they come in contact. Coaches are expected to be role models and to conduct themselves with integrity and the highest ethical standards at all times.

All Head Coaches are now required to complete the USA Swimming athlete protection training. Please go to the following link

  • Coaches / Parent Reps Phone Numbers (2018) 
    2018 Champs AMOUNTS BY TEAM
  • · 2018 Dues amounts based on 2017 Roster totals  Pay Via Pay Pal using the instructions below

    Go to your PayPal account and click on send money to “Friends and Family” button. Next type in the DSA email address in the pay to box DSASWIM@GMAIL.COM and enter the amount of your Dues from the Dues Report link above.  Click on next to verify the account you are paying from bank or credit card and TYPE IN YOUR TEAM NAME IN THE NOTES BOX so we can identify what team is sending the money to mark you PAID. Payment via PayPal is due by May 1, 2018 Checks we be accepted at the May meeting, fines will apply after May 17. The fees are based on $2.00 per swimmer and new teams are charged $75.00  

    Important Reminder
    Coaches remember to bring your 2018 season race results to the Champs and deliver them to Kelly Gardner. If you entered results all season in Team Manager the easiest format is in Team Manager under reports then performance then  meet results then click on the activate multiple meet button and check the meets you have results for then continue to the select report by NAME button and select create. After creating select print or save as a word doc or as PDF file under the envelope button at the top. You may email the word doc to Kelly. Be sure to look at the doc to see if it has all the results before you print or send it.
  • Rosters Instructions
    In Team Manager main menu click on file then export then athletes /rosters. The file it creates should be saved where you can find it on your system. Email that file to
  • Team Manager Events File Imports to export entries to a host team
    A file that you  download into Team Manager that creates the meet and all the meet events instead of having to manually create each event. Right click the file below and pick "save target as".   Save as a file not text.
    Team Manager Dual Meet Events File   It will create a blank dual meet with all the events.  Right click the file  and pick "save target as".   Open TM and under  "file" then "import" "meet events" select the saved file.
    Team Manager Championship Meet Events File   2018   It will create the Champs Meet and all the events with Yard and Meter cut times  Right click the file  and pick "save target as".
    Champs Record File  Import into Meet Manager and it will add the Champ Record to the meet program when you check the radio box in the meet program report under the include file tab.  Right click the file and pick "save target as". Save it to C:/swmeets3, 4 ,5 depending on your version , the default location for all Meet Manager files.

  •  Meet Manager Meets Blank Imports to run a home meet
     Blank Dual MeetCreates a Blank Dual Meet with all the correct events and scoring pre set up for a two team Dual meet. MM Versions 6, 5, 4, 3 blank meets are below as older versions do not convert going down in versions they do convert going up in versions.
      After you download it save it to   C:/swmeets  and then in MM click on "file" then "restore"  follow the prompt to save it then open the file you saved and then click on "file" then " save as" and name it the meet you are running and save the blank meet for the next meet. You will need to edit the meet setup for your meet but all the scoring should be preset . Additional instructions are listed below as a PDF

  •  Meet Manager Ver 6.0 Blank Meet 2017                     Meet Manager Ver 5.0 Blank Meet 2017     Meet Manager Ver 4.0 Blank Meet 2017       
    Meet Manager Ver 3.0 Blank Meet 2017

  •   Hytek Help
    Team Manager Help Document - Step by step help to set up Team manager add teams, swimmers, meets, and entries
    Meet Manager Help Document - Step by step help to set up a new DUAL or Multi Team meet,  import entries, settings, seeding, reports, run the meet, results


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